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We have created a custom in-depth process to identify and document what requirements your project entails. We take into consideration all stakeholder goals, communication styles, objectives, and decision making styles while crafting a detailed scope of work that will serve as the foundation for the rest of your project. This is done by researching the project type, establishing shared goals and objectives, gathering all relevant information, identifying strategies, determining requirements, and summarizing everything to present to you as an overall project management guide and benchmarking system. 


We follow the traditional phases of architectural design to ensure that we are on track through every step of your project. We start with schematic design phase where we outline the general requirement obtained during the programming phase. This can include a singular approach or multiple possible options, which we review and approve with you while working as your advisor. After approval we begin design development in which we begin to add details with a balance between overall budget and level of quality. We provide options and advice in this phase to get the highest quality for the lowest cost. Once approved we begin construction documents detailed to the level of making your ideas a reality.



We provide renderings and graphic elements for projects that require presentations to obtain funding, public acceptance or design standard related approvals.  We provide 2D custom print or web graphic images as well as 3D digital renderings and realistic models.  Our design can be as low budget as rough hand drawn sketches all the way up to a world class fully functional 3D tour of the proposed project.


We are experienced in creating win-win situations while working with the regulatory and political organizations required to ensure the success of your build-out. Whether you need guidance and representation through annexation, environmental impact reports, general plan amendments, rezoning, planned development permits, utility approvals, conditional use permits, variance or development agreements, we have the connections and the experience to ensure the smoothest approval process possible.


Deciding whether to bid or negotiate with your construction team is a complex process with multiple advantages and disadvantage. We advise our clients based on their preferences, goals and project specifications. During the bidding process we are happy to work with existing contractor relationships, or to recommend new ones based on personal experience. Alongside detailed construction documents, we assist in getting you the most accurate and competitive numbers by facilitating pre-bid meetings, bid questions, qualification documents, clarifications, and addendas for the contractors under your supervision. Once all of the data is collected, we present your final numbers in a comprehensive final document listing the pros and cons of each vendor and assisting you in your final decision. 


We ensure that the construction process is managed to your standards by providing contract administration and support. We assist your contractor by answering questions, approving transmittal, documenting the approval process and keeping you informed every step of the way. Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC)  meetings are scheduled and implemented throughout the construction process to ensure excellent communication amongst the team. Onsite meetings are held at chalk walks, ensuring the quality of workmanship, scheduling and budget standards are being met. Your architect will consult with you and advise you during construction, providing team-based solutions along the way. 

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